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Our archive includes documents and images created by companies and individuals carrying out their everyday activities, along with a comprehensive library of books, magazines and publications.

Please enter keywords into the search box, and specify a date range if required. The search will return details of the items which fit the search, and which of our research centres hold the items. This is the first stage of development of the interactive catalogue. Future phases will include descriptions, giving more detail on the items.


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The archive is home to more than...
1 million documents, timetables and other records 1 million images of buses, coaches trolleybuses and trams 8,000 books and other publications

The online archive is still being populated, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for using this search, consider contacting us or visiting us in person.

Search Tips

The titles and descriptions of our items are often very precise, reflecting the information on the item itself.

Therefore, please remember to approach your search from a number of different points, for example search for “Midland Red” as well as “Birmingham & Midland Motor Omnibus”, and “Solent Blue Line” as well as “Musterphantom”.

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